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Drums.Music.Life...With Kevin Washington

Kevin Washington

In this uncertain age where simple human interaction has been gravely reduced we strive to reach beyond sharing just information but to share moments, history, experiences….life. The purpose of Drums.Music.Life. is to draw from the magic of music. Music draws connections where there were none before. It breaks down barriers and builds relationships. It restores the feelings in us that make us feel plugged into the Universe in a healthy way. The goal is to support positive, loving, challenging, restorative, sustainable human connection and kinship simultaneously as it is being redefined by the current state of affairs. As music has always done. We’re just taking it to a different level, the podcast. Drums.Music.Life...with Kevin Washington explores the galaxy of cosmic music that Kevin was born into, sharing stories of iconic compositions and musicians, the history of the drum, and the healing elements and powers of music. The podcast also shares the vision, mission, history and current great work of St. Paul's beloved Walker West Music Academy. As Kevin invites...come take this ride.